Inside our house

What we do

We're passionate and committed to being a positive force within the live entertainment business.

Carefully chosen collaborations allow us to deliver worthy concepts and not just stay on the development slate.

Our House is more than just an idea factory.
Who lives in our house

The CHP ethos and its boundless energy have attracted an enviable group of willing advisors, supporters, and individuals; successful and established names within TV, film, live events, theatre, and the financial sector.

Together we transform great ideas into commercial entities.

Our Projects

We invent and produce original concepts.

We actively seek collaborations with successful and widely acclaimed partners. We call these our 'House Mates.'

We fund our own ideas, and we invest in ideas we wished we had formed.

We don't just provide liquid investment; we offer a committed dedication to the cause.

We encourage our partners - our House Mates, to use the resources and experienced names under our roof to further ideas that should be put into production and accelerated into the global market.

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