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Creative House Group creates exhilarating cross-art form visionary experiences globally, for live and online audiences.

We are pioneers of the arts, fearless in our ideas, and experienced in our execution. We secure iconic IP and stories and evolve their narrative into exhilarating, immersive entertainment experiences.

We break new ground bravely fusing Music, Immersive Theatre, Art, Innovation & Invention in Tech & Digital Artistry in compelling ways. We inspire a love of the arts in younger demographics & recapture those elders' imagination.

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Human Traffic Live

A Lost Weekend

London's Hippodrome Casino

Magic Mike

Soho Theatre

The View Upstairs

Six on Broadway

Dear Evan Hansen

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‘Immersive theatre show’ barely scratches the surface of this dementedly ambitious endeavour from A Lost Weekend.


Industry-shaking concept, we can’t wait!


This is the future of theatre right here.


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